Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Prune MRT Pedestrian Path in Sudirman

Prune MRT Pedestrian Path in SudirmanDirektur (CEO ) of PT MRT Jakarta Boestami Dono said it would undertake manufacture or concreting detour on the side of the road pavement . Efforts were made ​​after stripping the green line MRT construction on Jalan Sudirman completed.

"Later, sidewalks or pedestrian paths that were originally six feet wide is left only 1.5 meters , " said Dono , told reporters in a press conference held in Central Jakarta , Wednesday ( 28/05/2014 ) .

At least , there are four points on the pavement concreting to be built the MRT station . The four points that are in Senayan , Senayan , Lower Dam , and Setiabudi . Each point will be concreted along 350-400 meters . Work started on the east side of Senayan ( 5/26/2014 ) ago .
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The work will be done in stages and move to another location point . The impact of this work is the reduction in the width of sidewalks for pedestrians .

" Some sidewalks will be used to supplement lane . Due median TransJakarta lane road and will be closed for the construction of the MRT station , " said Dono . He targets , work was completed on a pedestrian path reduction ( 19/06/2014 ) future .

Based on the observation , job reductions across the pavement in Queen Plaza is almost completed. Only the remaining 1.5 meter wide road that has been casted . A large tree embedded in the pavement has also been cut down . To safeguard pedestrians , PT MRT Jakarta has installed a fence made ​​of iron .


Monday, May 26, 2014

Prabowo and encouragement ala Jokowi Story

What does a presidential candidate Gerindra , Prabowo , Sunday ( 25/05/2014 ) ? Apparently, he met children orphaned in Nusantara Polo Club , Jagorawi . The amount is 1,200 and from kindergarten to junior high school .

"My children , brave and spirit well . Do not be too sad , but fought hard . Way to learn , study , and learn , " says Prabowo .

Orphans were entertained by a clown and made ​​a temporary playground complete with a slide . Prabowo was also greeted some of them , who receive gifts of books , bags , and cash $ 50,000 . Faridz Djan as a committee member , said the event with orphans Prabowo routinely performed every Eid .
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In front of the children , tells the story of Asmujiono Prabowo , former Kopassus his men . Asmujiono that of Malang has left father and mother since the age of 6 years . He had six uncles who moved the family from one to another uncle . One day , he logs in Kopassus . Unfortunately , only 165 centimeters height 3 cm or less than the minimum limit . " I refused . Regulations are regulations . But the fruit of my children persuaded , " said Prabowo .

Asmujiono then participate in the selection . He graduated with his class in the top ranking Kopassus . Of the 11 climbers of Everest in 1996 , Asmujiono the only one who reached the top . "Then he was the first Indonesian , the first Asian and the first Takbir echoed from above the highest mountain in the world , " says Prabowo .

He said that true story , he hopes that orphaned children are not quickly give up and fought hard . They have to do what is best for the nation and the state . "God willing , may the best too , " says Prabowo .

CITY NEWS / ANGGA Bhagya NUGRAHA Volunteers partner and vice presidential candidates JK Jokowi - action

From scavengers to Jokowi

Support for the presidential candidate of the PDI - P , Joko Widodo , also continue to emerge . In Malang , East Java , artists and families Kuda Lumping Association Malang , Sunday ( 05/25/2014 ) , declared support for Jokowi .

Garner the support shown by the signatures of people passing around Jalan Soekarno - Hatta , Malang . In addition , community members also raise money kuda lumping Rp 1,000 as support for Jokowi .

Jokowi - Jusuf Kalla ( JK ) Rise for Change , organs of various segments of the youth volunteers who initiated the Nation Guard PKB , action movement Rp 1,000 Jokowi - JK , on Jalan Raden Saleh , Central Jakarta , on Sunday. Of the many contributors , there is a scavenger named Heldi Irwansyah ( 39 ) , from Karawang . He accounted for Rp 5,000 . " That selling bottled mineral water from Monday through Proclamation , " he said .

Heldi Jokowi - JK contributed because they want a better change . " I want to change the economic and legal justice system , " he said . As scavengers , Heldi hope no pickers empowerment for waste management . If properly managed , waste can be beneficial product .

Deputy Secretary General Malik Haramain express CLA , CLA would like to invite community participation directly to support Jokowi - JK . Second , the activities of political education for the people that politics should be in ways that clean , not money politics .

Saturday night , when ordered to induct three groups of volunteers in Samarinda , Jokowi also tells about the volunteers who work voluntarily to win the election of Governor of DKI Jakarta . " Time to run , I have nothing baseball . Nah got a lot of acquaintances in Jakarta . Urunan people I see for yourself , there is Rp 1,000 , there is Rp 10,000 . I cried . My question to them , really supported me . They answer because they want no change , " he said .

Jokowi admitted , at the time , he was considered the village . " My face was , he said , the rustic . Fact , I find it cute . Pilgub When the results were announced , people are surprised when I won in the first round and won again in the second round , " said Jokowi in front of over 1,000 people gathered on the Road Katamso , Samarinda , East Kalimantan .


Friday, May 23, 2014

Milk Consumption Low, But How High Milk Imports

One more negative news for the national food production . The agrarian country wracked food imports and imports of milk this time . The percentage of imported milk really stifling .
Data from the Ministry of Agriculture ( Ministry of Agriculture ) , the dependence on milk imports reached 70 percent . The high percentage of imports due to the low productivity of the milk of local dairy .

Needs of dairy milk processing industry ( IPS ) mecapai six million liters per day . Meanwhile , the national milk production is only 1.5 million liters per day . " The lack of many , " said Director of Business Development and Investment Directorate General of Processing and Marketing of Agricultural Products of Ministry Jamil Musanif in Jakarta , Friday ( 23/5 ) .
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Not only low milk production . Indonesian milk consumption per capita is low , only about 11.1 kilograms ( kg ) per capita per year . Compare with milk consumption Malaysia , which is 36.2 kg per year . Residents of Thailand reached 22.2 kg per year and the Philippines as much as 17.8 kg per year .

In order to increase production , the Ministry of Agriculture will strive to increase production in order to compete with neighboring countries , such as Malaysia and the Philippines . The low milk production is threatening Indonesia's position in the competitive arena of the free market in the ASEAN Economic Community ( AEC ) in 2015 . Meanwhile , to increase the per capita consumption of milk , will be pursued to increase to 30 liters per person per year in 2025 . "When production is not doubled , the number of dairy imports could increase, " said Jamil .

Data Kementan was recognized national milk producers . Dairies , cimory , stating the availability of fresh milk in the country are depleting. Communities must compete to get fresh milk with industry players who are also looking for dairy raw materials .

Chief Executive Officer ( CEO ) Group of Company cimory Bambang Sutantio emphasize it began having trouble finding the raw material of dairy farmers partners . Fresh milk is now much in demand milk processing industry ( IPS ) . " This is because the U.S. dollar strengthened , " he said , Reuters found , in Cisarua , Bogor , West Java , on Friday ( 23/5 ) .

Therefore , local companies are forced to import milk . Imported milk -based dairy industry needs to create a variety of products . Now , when the price of milk imports rose , IPS began to look fresh milk producers .

During this time , cimory price guarantees to farmers partners . IPS , according to Bambang , also did not hesitate to offer a high price . Cimory buy fresh milk farmers at a price of Rp 5,800 per liter .

From the beginning , he stated , cimory committed to buy milk is higher than 10 percent above the highest retail price ( HET ) . " We have to buy on top of the bid price IPS that farmers would continue to develop the dairy , " said Bambang .

HET from IPS about Rp 4,000 per liter . Before the U.S. dollar strengthens, the price is able to cover the operational costs incurred breeders . However , farmers are now asking for HET is raised .

Section Head of the Directorate of Dairy Cows and Buffaloes Aquaculture of Ministry of Agriculture Livestock Iqbal Alim said , Indonesia had a shortage of dairy cows in the period 2012 to the end of 2013 . Breeders who sell a lot of his female productive because of high meat prices . " More profitable selling meat as fresh milk undervalued , " he said .

The government then tried to build more partnerships with farmers . This pattern is expected to restore the passion raising dairy cows . n ed : zaky al glottal


Thursday, May 22, 2014

Prabowo: Candidates Told Kok-order

Presidential candidate Prabowo met former politician Hanura , Hary Tanoesoedibjo , Thursday ( 22/05/2014 ) night . The two met to discuss current political issues .

Prabowo arrived at the residence Hary Tanoe , Ciranjang Road , South Jakarta , at around 19:12 pm .

Once there , Prabowo was immediately greeted by Hary Tanoe with his wife , and the Vice Chairman of the Board of Trustees Gerindra Djojohadikusomo Hashim who had arrived earlier .

Before entering into the house , dozens of journalists who had been waiting since the afternoon Prabowo and Hary Tanoe asked to stand together .
( read: kenari yorkshire bandung )

" Pak Pak Prabowo up , let me be all ( with Hary Tanoe ) , " said one reporter .

Hearing that , Prabowo immediately joked , " why presidential order around . "

Hearing that , suddenly everyone was laughing location . Prabowo went back to finish the sentence , " yes it was a joke , a joke . "

As is known , Hary Tanoe retreat from Hanura because they want to help couples Prabowo - Hatta Rajasa .

Prior to Hanura , Hary Tanoe joined Nasdem Party . The Hanura joined to the shaft - supporting Joko Widodo Jusuf Kalla in the presidential election of 2014.


Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Avalanche 15 Meters Insulation Three Villages in Pinrang

Thousands of cubic meters of landslide material as high as 15 roads in the village hoard Suppirang , District Lembang , Pinrang , South Sulawesi . Not only decide the access roads between villages and districts around it , landslides also caused three surrounding villages isolated .

Residents who had been due to shopping for life or sell produce and groceries to a neighboring village , including Market to Mamasa and Polewali Mandar , hampered since Tuesday.

Three villages are isolated village of Sepang , Paladang and Pasapa . A number of bikers and motorcycle taxi drivers who were stuck landslide landslide reckless pierce pile to get to the destination .
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Meanwhile , dozens of landslides between villages take turns moving the pile with a shovel , a hoe , and a crowbar . They hope that efforts can pave the way . However , up to now , thousands of cubic landslide material can not be removed .

Citizens expect the government to intervene in order to mobilize heavy equipment access roads can be normal people again .

Rainfall since the past few days complicate cleanup efforts at the site .

Early May, at the location of the landslide also to isolated residents had more than a week . New access road drivable vehicle after inter-village residents worked together voluntarily , for nearly a week .

Jansen , local villagers , admitted that he had two days to step in to help move the pile avalanche voluntarily in order to open the access road back . However , until now such access can only be passed by a two-wheeler .

" Residents were forced to lift the landslide material with hoes and crowbars because no heavy equipment . I have two days to work , but not see-through , "said Jansen .

Muliani , residents from Makassar who had been due to visit relatives in neighboring villages , caught in the landslide site . He said , if the vehicle can not penetrate , he was forced to lower the number of luggage and chose to walk across the landslide in order to get to the destination .

Since the landslide re- memutusakn access roads and isolate from Tuesday to Wednesday ( 21/05/2014 ) , a resident of trouble buying basic necessities . A number of inter-village traders also can not sell in a number of traditional markets in the vicinity.


Monday, May 19, 2014

Prabowo: Out of It, I Will Meet Rhoma Irama

Chairman of the Board of Trustees Gerindra Prabowo hoping for additional support to confirm his candidacy for president of Indonesia . For that , he will approach the king of dangdut Rhoma Irama .

It was announced during the declaration Prabowo and Hatta Rajasa mate Prabowo as a candidate for president and vice president in Polonia House , Monday ( 19/05/2014 ) . After mentioning the support of the coalition parties , Prabowo, who is a fiery oration expect no support from other parties .

"Later we hope there is a statement of support from the other party . Do I claim . 'll Miss , yeah good baseball , " said Prabowo respond to audience demand .
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Prabowo seen to shorten his speech because after this would like to meet someone . "After this I will meet Rhoma Irama , " he said .

Statement Prabowo was instantly greeted by a boisterous audience . " Then , just met Mahfud . Later , Mr. Hatta just met Ahmad Dhani . Should be further baseball ya list? " she said .

After that , Prabowo ended the speech with a prepared statement into the presidential duties .

The information circulating among journalists since this morning , Prabowo is scheduled to meet with Rhoma Rhoma in residence at 15.00 . However , the meeting was backwards . Prabowo mentioned going to the residence of the Chairman of the Golkar Party Bakrie to reinforce support for Golkar to Gerindra .

Prabowo is also scheduled to meet with Thunder Soekarnoputra , youngest son of the first President Soekarno , on Monday night . After that , Prabowo will meet Rhoma .


Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Dozens of Islamic Organizations Ready to Support Risma Close Dolly

Dozens of Islamic society organizations expressed support for the East Java Surabaya Mayor in carrying out prostitution Dolly closing on June 19 . They are ready to put the body to be behind Tri Rismaharini in prostitution Dolly closure policy .

Representatives of the 58 Islamic organizations , including the Islamic Defenders Front ( FPI ) , Hizbut Tahrir Indonesia ( HTI ) , and the Forum Ulama of Madura ( FUM ) , which are members of the Islamic Movement for Unity ( GUIB ) East Java , came Risma in his office , Wednesday ( 14/05/2014 ) . They provide support to official written Risma in closing Dolly .

Secretary GUIB Java Muhammad Yunus said , the policy is an attempt to close prostitution commanding the good and forbidding the evil , so it must be supported by all levels of Muslims .
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" We condemn anyone who utilizes this goodwill to the political interests of certain groups , " he said .

He said he openly deplored the statement Surabaya Deputy Mayor Wisnu Buana Sakti who refuses closure Dolly .

" We do not know what it means , which obviously we regret the attitude of the Vice Mayor of Surabaya who reject it , " he said .

On Tuesday ( 05/13/2014 ) , Deputy Mayor Vishnu Sakti Buana Surabaya had said closure Dolly refused because local people judged not ready to lose the livelihood of the decades rests on Dolly prostitution activity at the site .

Chairman of the PDI - P 's claim Surabaya , his attitude was based on the concept of the party in view of the social reality in Dolly .


Sunday, May 4, 2014

Basuki Optimistic Jakarta Able Mind Without Jokowi

Jakarta Governor Joko Widodo will undergo sabbatical per May 18, 2014 . Pengusungannya It is related to the plan as a presidential candidate of the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle . How readiness Jakarta Vice Governor Basuki Purnama Tjahaja lead Capital alone?

Basuki said he was not worried in the slightest . As executor daily ( Acting ) Governor of Jakarta , he will be accompanied by four deputy governors .
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"There are four deputies . Secretary has also been proposed . Lives awaiting signature VP ( Vice President ) , " said Basuki , at City Hall on Monday ( 05/05/2014 ) .

In addition , Basuki admitted to not worry about the performance of the civil servants ( PNS ) in the city government , even without supervision Jokowi which often perform inspections . According to Basuki , the performance would be better if the bureaucrats led by a good boss too .

" Our SKPDs relatively well why if his chief good service . Moreover , we wanted to immediately re-test of the third and fourth echelon civil servants , " he said .

As reported previously , Jokowi will certainly begin to live a long leave by May 18, 2014 , or after the registration of presidential candidates for the General Election Commission ( KPU ) . The purpose of the leave of absence in order to focus more Jokowi undergoing preparation for the 2014 Presidential Election will be held on July 9.

Jokowi relatively long period of leave , ie, until the establishment of the elected president . When will the presidential election to be held in two rounds , meaning Jokowi will undergo on leave until September . September is the time of the second round pilres .

The implementation of the second round of the presidential election is still tentative because its implementation depends on the results of the first round . The implementation of the second round of presidential elections held recently in the first round if no candidate reaches 51 percent acquisition of voice .


Thursday, May 1, 2014

Measuring the "Coalition Watermelon" Jokowi vs. Prabowo

Phase of General Election 2014 is getting close to half the peak . The process of counting of votes in the legislative elections the party will soon be over . When the determination of valid votes and seats in the House completed , then the election will enter phase registration of presidential candidates and vice presidential candidates .

Only two more weeks time assessment for all political parties seek coalition colleagues and determine the candidate pairs . Until Friday ( 02/05/2014 ) , the new Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle ( PDI - P ) and the National Democratic Party which has made understanding and ready to form a coalition . As for the other party , still busy strutting find friends fit .
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Some observers predict , outside shaft led PDI - P , the other axis is the axis formed are considered potential Indonesia Movement Party . If the PDI - P has Joko Widodo ( Jokowi ) as presidential candidates , then Gerindra Prabowo who had predicted capable of competing with Jokowi .

Even so , Gerindra not yet received confirmation from all parties who have been approached . This party just got a fresh breeze from the Prosperous Justice Party ( PKS ) and the National Mandate Party . The approach of the United Development Party ( PPP ) and the Golkar Party is merely an intense communication .

axle watermelon

Back to the axis of the PDI - P . This shaft repeatedly states will build coalitions with strict rules . No one talks to divide power in the beginning . No wonder the only Nasdem who immediately declared willing docked .

However , lately there is the National Awakening Party ( PKB ) which is reportedly more intimate with the PDI - P . Even Jokowi coalition agreement with the CBA states will soon be established .

Political observers of the Indonesian Institute of Sciences ( LIPI ) Siti Zuhro said , PDI - P and PKB would be equally great benefit if the coalition is really happening . The two parties have a strong character , he said , there is also a deep-rooted and loyal supporters alike tend character .

Siti believes the PDI - P coalition , Nasdem , and CLA will bear the chances of winning are promising . In terms of ideology , the PDI - P and Nasdem equally nationalist party , while CLA is a Muslim-based parties .

According to Siti , this coalition can get the name " watermelon coalition " . Name it , she said , taking red as a symbol of nationalist parties and the color green for Muslim-based parties .
" Coalition watermelon , already beautiful in terms of color , in terms of its supporters have been united . Wong cilik style NU ( Nahdlatul Ulama ) and the PDI - P grassroots , " said Siti , in Jakarta , Thursday ( 05/01/2014 ) .

The challenge , called Siti , precision shaft PDI - P figure determines candidates Jokowi assistant vice president . This figure should be pinched shut figure Jokowi to become the ideal partner and attract the attention of the voting public .

As for power sharing in the coalition , said Siti , is commonplace . Therefore , the party who joined in the axis of the PDI - P also will eventually get a certain position so long as it is suitable and competent . " Whoever , the coalition will discuss what get what , will be adjusted . , But important woke effective coalition , the parallel between the government and the parliament . "

Colorful shaft Gerindra

What led coalition Gerindra shaft ? Siti assess large tents to be built Gerindra risk of repeating " mistakes " were made ​​today's Democratic coalition , the Joint Secretariat . Grand coalition according to him will be difficult to work effectively due to hit the interests of many parties .

If Prabowo confident stature , Siti said , she should keep away from the intention of building a grand coalition . Moreover , he added , a large coalition can be interpreted as a compulsion .

" Compulsion to be formed as a figure that will be carried by a presidential candidate has no real support , " Siti algebra . In a presidential system , he stated , is the president who featured . "If the president has real support , then we do not need a coalition fat , " he said .


Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Komnas HAM : Failed State of Papua reconcile

National Human Rights Commission assesses the state had failed to reconcile Papua . Because there are rampant cases of human rights violations in the island paradise .

" All the commissioners have spoken , and the National Human Rights Commission see Papua as prone areas of human rights violations , " said commissioner of Komnas HAM , Natalius Pigai , in his office , Jakarta , Monday, April 28, 2014 .
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Every day , said Natalius , frequent cases of violence in Papua . Violations of the security forces are often involved . " We 've seen a wide range of human rights violations abroad , " he said .

Because the number of human rights violations , Human Rights Commission of Papua human rights form the audit team . " The audit team aspect of civil rights violations , economic , social , and cultural , " said Natalius .

Not only that , Natalius explained , the team also looked at whether the military approach in Papua quite good or bad . " So , we conduct a thorough audit of Papua . Papua We want people to live safely , " he said .

Monday, April 28, 2014 , from the Papuan human rights defenders reported three major cases of human rights violations to the Human Rights Commission. Two of them are shooting cases , the remaining cases of torture .


Monday, April 28, 2014

Minister: Remote areas still lack dentists

Health Minister Nafsiah Mboi said remote areas, border regions and islands (DTPK) still lack temporary dentist employees (PTT) because there were no enthusiasts.

"If general practitioners who register for PTT are 600, then 300 are employed. However, dentists who register to sign up are only a few, so that practically all are accepted. But, there are several places that they (dentists) do not want to be placed in, such as Papua," the Health Minister said here on Monday.
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In 2014, the Ministry of Health opened 332 registrations for temporary dentist employees, however there were only 167 applicants so all of them were accepted and placed in the remote areas. The Health Minister also ensured that the local governments had provided dental equipment so that they did not have to worry.

Meanwhile, there were 238 temporary general practitioner employees who were placed in remote areas throughout Indonesia.

The Health Minister said by the capitation system of health services in health centers, temporary doctor employees' welfare will be assured, especially if they can serve and manage all the population who are members of the national health insurance (JKN).

In Papua, the entire population had become members of the JKN, where poor people automatically received tuition assistance (PBI).


Sunday, April 27, 2014

Jakarta BlackBerry Officially Launched May 13
BlackBerry Z3 or ' Jakarta ' has opened the tap pre-order from 28 April to 12 May 2014 . Official launch will be conducted on May 13, 2014 .

BlackBerry certainty Jakarta launched on May 13, 2014 detikINET obtained from official statement on Monday ( 04/28/2014 ) . Unfortunately , no mention of whether a BlackBerry CEO John Chen will come to release it .
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In addition , to welcome the arrival of this handset , the Canadian vendor will launch a special edition BlackBerry Z3 , Jakarta Edition , which is provided to the customers of XL and Indosat in limited time .

This model will come with " Jakarta " on the back to celebrate the presence of the first BlackBerry smart phone made ​​specifically for the Indonesian market .

Previously , the BlackBerry Jakarta scheduled to land in Indonesia in early April 2014 . Yet now , it seems the issue has been resolved .

BlackBerry Jakarta is a very important tool for BlackBerry . Because of the importance , BlackBerry CEO John Chen also reportedly going to come straight to see the ' birth ' of this device in Jakarta .

BlackBerry Z3 is a device that is assembled by Foxconn , a manufacturing partner who is also a mainstay of Apple and other big manufacturers to make gadgetnya .


Facebook Acquisition Applications Health and Fitness

Currently wearable devices to be excellent in the technology market . It certainly did not want to be ignored by Facebook . It acquired leading social media applications Moves .

The device 's health and fitness technology belonged Facebok since last Thursday .

" We are pleased that the application has joined Moves . This is a form of marketing strategy in a multi - app Facebook , " said a Facebook representative told Mashable .
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Meanwhile , for himself Moves joining the social network founded by Mark Zuckerberg is very beneficial .

" Join with Facebook because we have a common mission to develop Moves together , " said founder Moves .

The device 's health said , based on site - Moves , Moves will continue to operate independently, there is no mixing of data related to Facebook .

Moves is a software that can automatically analyze user activity when walking , jogging , bike riding , and other fitness activities . In addition , the performance of Moves has let you know where when users are navigating or like when you want to go somewhere , then Moves will tell him .

As of this year Facebook has acquired WhatsApp and buy Oculus VR .


Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Promotion Free Electric Cars Nissan in China

Nissan together with local partner Dongfeng Motor rely on collaboration brand , Venucia , to boost sales in China , especially the Leaf . With the new label Venucia e30 , Nissan and Dongfeng began exploring new markets although officially launched in September 2014.

How, by supplying 100 units Venucia e30 ( Nissan Leaf ) to Guangzhou Qicheng taxi company Taxi Company Limited . The taxi company became the first to use e30 as operational vehicles from September 2013.

Cao Qingshan , Managing Director of Guangzhou Qicheng Taxi Company Limited , said , in the first six months of operation , e30 quite successful . " No problem at all , all goes well , " said Cao in Guangzhou , China , on Tuesday ( 22/04/2014 ) .

Became operational vehicle cab , Venucia also expect the free promotion for enjoyment to the consumer before the model officially launched to the market ( September 2014 ) . People will be more familiar with a pure electric cars and experience the sensation without having to have it .

Moreover, it also confirms that the convenience offered by electric car is also better than conventional machines .
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" Our drivers are also equipped with a variety of information regarding the e30 , so consumers can ask briefed the maximum , " said Cao .


Monday, April 21, 2014

Commission to go into Possible Flows Hadi Purnomo

Corruption Eradication Commission continues to explore the possibility of the Chairman of the State Audit Agency ( BPK ) Hadi Purnomo receives money or other benefits related to tax filing objections PT Bank Central Asia in 2003 . When it served as Director General of Taxation Hadi 2001-2006 .

" Regarding the question of whether there was a reception and so forth , that we still go into, " KPK chairman Abraham Samad said in Jakarta on Monday ( 21/04/2014 ) .

Commission set Hadi as a suspect for alleged tort and or abuse of authority related to the tax appeal filed by PT Bank Central Asia in 2003 . For his actions , the state allegedly suffered a loss of about USD 375 billion .

"You should have received state tax for a while we just count , not final more than Rp 375 billion , " said Abraham .

According to KPK deputy chairman Bambang Widjojanto , the Commission found sufficient evidence showing that Hadi conduct or abuse of authority related tort tax appeal BCA . In setting Hadi as a suspect , the Commission should not find any money received Hadi associated with tax objections filed the BCA .

" At least there is loss . Which state should receive at least Rp 375 billion , not be accepted . So there are elements of state assets and the benefit the other , should not benefit policy makers , " said Bambang .

Regarding the possibility of Hadi entangled with the law of money laundering , Bambang said that it depends on the future development of the investigation process . To date , the Commission focused on the act of corruption -related complaints that led Hadi BCA tax first.
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" Do not make the Commission as a psychic , but look at the development of the examination and it can only be prescribed qualifications more about indications of further criminal acts , " he said .


25 DPC Rejects Dismissal of PPP Chairman Suryadharma Ali Jabar by

Conflict in the United Development Party ( PPP ) tapered . Measures the Chairman Suryadharma Ali who pulled off a number of party officials from office cadres fierce reply . Through the National Leadership Meeting led by the Secretary General of PPP Romahurmuziy , 20 April 2014 , turning Suryadharma suspended from the post of chairman.

One of the PPP cadres previously fired Suryadharma is Chairman of the Governing Council of the PPP region of West Java , Rachmat Yasin . But the Bogor regent , said he has not received his dismissal letter until today , Monday, April 21, 2014 .
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Dismissal Rachmat Yasin raised strong reaction from PPP Branch 25 Executive Board in West Java . They held a meeting at PPP branch office in Bandung West Java . Meeting resulted in the decision : reject the dismissal by Mr Rachmat Yasin Ali Suryadharma .

The entire DPC PPP states of West Java , was admitted Rachmat Yasin as Chairman of the West Java branch of the PPP . " The dismissal violated party rules . We reject it , " said Chairman of the DPC PPP Sumedang , Munir Ahmad .

Rachmat Yasin and PPP West Java also supports the National Leadership Meeting held overnight by PPP Secretary General PPP Romahurmuziy ( Romi ) . " Rapimnas was legitimate . It is precisely the presence of Suryadharma Ali Gerindra unauthorized campaign , " he said .


Friday, April 18, 2014

Encourage Saving, BI Education Up to Rural Residents

Representative Office of Bank Indonesia ( BI ) Region VI West Java - Banten , held Socialization of Financial Education in the District Cikelet , Garut . In the event the Bank to explain financial management and financial programs inclusive .

Socialization is held in the Village Unit Cooperatives , Rural Cikelet was done with a view to the introduction of the financial system to the people , especially in the District Cikelet . " Malaysia and the Philippines , respectively citizens already have a bank account , the data bedasarkan World Bank Indonesia in 2011 only 20 percent of our people who had an account , " said Ainur Rakhma , Thursday ( 17/4 ) , Public Relations Region VI Representative of Bank Indonesia , West Java - Banten .

Ainur explain it affects the difficulty of control of government assistance to the community . Without a bank account to help often do not correspond to the initial budget because it is difficult monitored .

Saving yourself is the simplest financial management . Ainur said , the community is important in order to save Indonesia's economy does not continue to depend on foreign loans .

Communities can begin by noting the typical financial planning income and expenditure . It also writes the objectives to be achieved .

Today Indonesia is the country with the strategy of inclusive finance . This strategy essentially aims to remove barriers to community access to financial services kayanan .
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Without inclusive financial system is , the poor and small businesses can only rely on personal wealth to invest and open businesses productive .


Thursday, April 17, 2014

Users Sony Xperia SP complains Screen Lag After Updates Android OS v4.3

If previous Sony reap a barrage of complaints from users of the Sony Xperia Z2 are complaining about how bad the quality of the speakers and audio in the handset . Now , Sony re receives criticism from users Xperia SP .

Reporting from XperiaBlog , this news originated from a chat forum Sony Mobile is flooded with scathing comments and complaints users Xperia SP . They say that when they do an update to Android OS 4.3 Jelly Bean , the owner of the Sony Xperia SP reported that their handsets lag screen and its backlight blinking . Even so gemasnya , some SP Xperia users who experience problems at the screen and lag , straight to video record it , and upload it to YouTube .
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SP Xperia users having problems screen flickering ( blinking ) , Backlight continuous flashing of course very disturbing . They complained , this seems to happen after they do update the Android OS v4.3 . Whereas before, when they do update the Android OS 4.1.2 , this incident did not happen .

Those who have complained about the Xperia SP experienced by users on firmware updates and 12.1.A.1.201 12.1.A.0.266 alone . The problem could be related to the kernel due to multiple users on different custom ROMs also reported the same problem .

So far , the Sony has not given any information related to this issue .


Wednesday, April 16, 2014

FSA and IDB Islamic Finance Sector Strengthen Cooperation

Financial Services Authority ( FSA ) and Islamic Development Bank ( IDB ) to strengthen cooperation , especially in the Islamic financial services sector and microfinance . This cooperation commitments contained in the IDB financing and technical assistance to the Government of Indonesia through the Member Country Partnership Strategy ( MCPs ) Indonesia 2011-2014 .

Islamic financial sector development in Indonesia will continue to be improved in line with the Islamic finance industry is growing higher and the huge market potential that is still untapped. Islamic financial development strategies need to be formulated and implemented in integrated between the banking sector , capital markets , non-bank financial industry , and Islamic microfinance .

" The development of Islamic financial services into one FSA priorities forward . Therefore Indonesian Islamic financial architecture that is more advanced by integrating the banking sector , capital markets , and non- banks , and Islamic micro institutions into something urgent to do . In that framework, the FSA and the IDB have programs and capabilities to assist the preparation of the blueprint , " said Chairman of the Board D Hadad Hadad FSA in an official statement received on Wednesday ( 04/16/2014 ) .

In developing the Islamic financial services sector in Indonesia , there are three challenges FSA view that needs to be responded services sector , namely the ability to open up access to Islamic financial services more broadly , the ability to serve the potential increase in the middle class in Indonesia , as well as the ability to increase the contribution of the real sector the Islamic finance to the actual needs of the Indonesian economy .
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" The IDB is committed to proactively assist Indonesia in the development of Islamic finance , among others, in the medium term development aid vision through system architecture , support the development of products and services , as well as facilitating the development of the capacity of Indonesia to the application of best practices , " said IDB President Dr . Ahmad Mohamed Ali .


Haunted Island in Italy Will Be Auctioned

The Italian government plans to lease the island and the old buildings on the agenda of the upcoming auction in May . Poveglia , a small uninhabited island in the Venice lagoon , also known as the island is haunted . " Poveglia expected behavior and results can reduce the country's debt pile , " writes the Telegraph , Tuesday, April 15, 2014 .

Located just a few minutes from St Mark's Park , expansive island is only 68 square meters . However, there are castles and monasteries in it .

Telegraph wrote this island never contested by Venice and Genoa . The monastery used as a place to care for patients with infectious diseases and mental disorders . " The Italian government hopes a buyer can change the island 's haunted hospital it into a luxury hotel . "
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But the Italian government did not fully sell the island. They only give permission renovation and rental properties to the buyer for 99 years . The island will remain the property of the state .

The government will also sell an old convent in Taranto , Puglia ; and a 15th century castle in Gradisca d' Isonzo .

A spokesman for the Italian sales agent refused Poveglia predict rental prices in the auction later . But he estimated selling price in Poveglia monastery could reach 3.8 million euros , about USD 60 billion .


Monday, April 14, 2014

Akbar is accused of Ical Gembosi So for the sake of Vice President

Discourse to evaluate nominations Bakrie (ARB ) as a presidential candidate in the 2014 election that was made Leader of the House adviser Golkar, Akbar Tandjung , Golkar harvest protests from the district manager .

This time, the Head of DPD 1 Golkar Southeast Sulawesi , Ridwan Bae said , should , Akbar Tanjung best solutions for the advancement of the party , not even menggembosi party internally.

" Leadership bang Ical ( Bakrie ) is very potential. That proved a quick calculation results in which Golkar occupies the second position in the legislative elections April 9. During this time, Akbar Tanjung as chairman of the Golkar Party adviser , always questioning the leadership and work system Bakrie , "says Ridwan at Sultra Golkar office in Jalan Abdullah Silondae , Monday ( 14/04/2014 ) .

He said the council was going too far with a dash of discourse for evaluation and Extraordinary Deliberation ( Munaslub ) Golkar .

"If you want to be thought the least votes of parties also have a large role to discredit Akbar Tanjung Bang Ical , because it is precisely in the middle of our current campaign, he always gives a negative statement . In fact, the permissibility of Akbar Tanjung provide advice and input to the cadre , how united and winning party , " ketusnya .

Ridwan Bae is always shown as a spokesman for DPD Golkar se - Indonesia insisted , it was not ever try to evaluate the candidate. Currently, that needs to be done is to map the factors that a weakness , so they can be together find a solution to win the ARB on July Presidential Election future.

"I'm the Akbar Tanjung give advice to DPD , how the ARB win , not invite us to replace the ARB as a candidate. As a presidential candidate point if ARB will create cohesiveness , while Munaslub is a misguided view , because there is nothing extraordinary happens in the body Golkar , "said Ridwan .

According to Ridwan , there will be no change of presidential candidate within 3 months. Moreover, the desire to choose cawapres , so would only nominate Bang Ical as a candidate.

It even pointing back Akbar Tanjung has a personal mission to nominate himself as cawapres dash way to evaluate their discourse pencapresan ARB on Presidential Election .
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Previously, House Party Advisory Work Group ( Golkar ) , Akbar Tanjung back dash discourse that Golkar will evaluate nominations Bakrie ( Ical ) as a presidential candidate in 2014 elections . Said elektabilitas Ical as presidential candidate in contrast with the growing potential in societies such as Prabowo Joko Widodo .


Friday, April 11, 2014

Verify Apps in the Android Malware Might Monitoring

In February 2014 , Google released updates to the software for one of the security features that are released into the Play Verify Google Apps. This app works for users check installed applications containing malware threat or not . When the previous application Apps Verify that work only during the installation process , where there is the possibility of the application can download malicious code , makakali will be a little different , better .

As quoted from page PhoneArena , ( 11/04/2014 ) , Google announced that the latest Apps Verify can now monitor malware activities on your phone . Updates are released on the Google Play compatible devices Android OS v2.3 or higher . Later , Verify Apps will work with constant monitoring to check the application at the time of install , and after the installation process .
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Verify promote the Google Apps as the safest alternative applications . Google also said that the Verify Apps has been used more than 4 billion times and only 0.18 % of Android users who choose to install other applications after receiving a warning of malware last year . Here I obviously have to plan well through the security system in the Verify Virus Scan Apps .


Failed to Break 20 Percent, PDIP: We Lost in the Media

Politicians PDI ( PDI-P ) Ganjar Pranowo judge , stating that the Democratic Party of Struggle ( PDI-P ), which is still below the target in 2014 pileg considered as lost in the media coverage . Specifically regarding the figure of candidate Joko Widodo ( Jokowi ) in the media .

" We lost in the media , then later Jokowi effect becomes visible and invisible. , But if we had the same portion there , unbelievable , " he said in Semarang on Thursday .

Ganjar revealed , Jokowi actually remarkable effect and influence on the vote for the PDIP . While that is not unusual or difficult was not able to get into a lot of media .

" We are hard to get into television yesterday , I even read in the newspaper , on the website ngiklan course it should not be the same owner. KPI So I think it's about to intervene , " he said .

Associated with the acquisition of voice PDIP still below 20 percent , Ganjar said that it should be used as a material for a new strategy in the upcoming presidential election .

" Like it or not , like it or not , so we have to accept it but conditions we again checked one by one in each of the polling stations to find out how the real , " said the Governor of East Java .

He explained , PDIP is still counting the number of votes for sure and have not thought about a coalition with other parties . " But I fingered Indonesia is too big then it definitely should invite a lot of people , " he said .

Based on data from a quick count conducted DPD PDIP Central Java on Thursday ( 10/4 ) afternoon , PDIP gained 341 733 votes, Golkar in second place with 161,031 votes, and the third position followed by PKB in who won 124 081 votes.

DPD PDIP Secretary Java Wilujeng Agustina said , it is the result of the vote count of the votes cast by 1,339,744 voters .
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" The number of votes was the latest data entered through Thursday ( 10/4 ) afternoon and there are 12 districts that have not entered the data counting his voice at all , " he said .

The 12 districts where there is a sound PDIP is Semarang District , Kendal , Kebumen , Klaten , Holy , Waterford , Starch , Pekalongan , Pemalang , Apex , Sragen , and Sukoharjo


Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Samsung Will Make Watches Mobile

Currently Samsung already has some smart watches products (smartwatch), and smart bracelet smartband. However, these devices still require the phone as a partner to demonstrate their performance to the maximum. Eg for smartwatch Gear, where to make phone calls limited to delivering the features of a smartphone device that is connected with it, can not be 'active' own.

Seeing the limited abilities, some consumers also seemed to want to expect more. Well, from the information obtained from the Korea Herald, the Samsung rumored to be working on Gear Solo, watch phone. Today was the name of Solo Gear Samsung has patented body-Korean Intellectual Property Office, although later at the launch of the names may change.

Samsung Gear Solo SIM cards will be equipped with its own mobile network connection, for voice and data. For the first phase of Solo reported hours phone Gear will be available exclusively for SK Telecom, which became a co-worker of Samsung in the process of development.
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There is no information whether the later Samsung will immerse into the Tizen OS Gear Solo, or whether the OS or even Android Gear Wear recently released by Google.

Samsung Gear Solo SIM cards will be equipped with its own mobile network connection, for voice and data. For the first phase of Solo reported hours phone Gear will be available exclusively for SK Telecom, which became a co-worker of Samsung in the process of development.


Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The advantages of this new aircraft "concoction" Habibie

3rd resident of the Republic of Indonesia Bacharuddin Jusuf Habibie or BJ Habibie familiarly called launching his new book Not-Be Tired and Lost .

The launch of the book at the Bank of Indonesia, Thamrin , Jakarta . In his speech , Habibie said that the book titled Not-Be Tired and Lost draws on the experience of his life .
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One is the outpouring of the heart while PT Nusantara Aircraft Industry ( IPTN ) which subsequently changed its name to PT Indonesian Aerospace ( PT DI ) to be closed in 2002 .

Even so , BJ Habibie stressed that he would continue as PT DI , which has gained the moment of awakening in early 2012.

" PTDI I will continue with the production of more advanced aircraft than N250 . I 'm manipulating a team called the R - 80 aircraft are in another year we will be prepared to be able to air in 2017 , " said Habibie in the Bank Building , Jakarta , Tuesday ( 01.04.2014 ) .

R - 80 aircraft has the meaning of the word regional R and 80 is the number of passengers . Excess air with this new technology is to have a propeller that can determine the wind cold and wind heat coming from the engine or engines .

The point is occurring mixture of cold wind and hot wind so they can get a higher speed . Mixture of cold wind and hot wind is called the bypass ratio . The higher bypass ratio, which is owned , used fuel energy more economical .

" Airbus or Boeing had a bypass ratio of 12 , the less the bypass ratio , the less the level of fuel efficiency . R - 80 has a bypass ratio of 40 , the target of approximately 30 percent more economical fuel consumption , more efficient , " Habibie said . (see also: tema android terbaru 2014)

Production of R - 80 aircraft will be carried out by PT Indonesian Aerospace . Production aircraft project is expected to be able to boost Indonesian nationalism , runs smoothly . "Right now I 'm preparing this could fly in 2017 . Which makes later Indonesian Aerospace , " Habibie said .


Thursday, March 13, 2014

Experience Spring start again!

Eagle and starling beginners to Experience Spring 2014
Coming Saturday, March 1st is the day : BirdLife Netherlands put the cameras Experience Spring again. Four months for everyone to gather in the nests of birds less than 9 . 24h New this year are the eagle and the sparrow. The crowd favorites peregrine falcon, owl , eagle owl, stork , great tit , kestrel and common redstart also reappear on the scene . So check it via .
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For the eighth year in a row to see how birds build a nest on courtship , lay eggs , hatch and fly to and with food for their young . Romance and drama were the last few years, the order of the day ; mating storks , peregrine falcons fighting turtle income and little owls guaranteed a few exciting bird soaps .

One of the newcomers to Experience Spring this year is the eagle. In collaboration with the State Forest is the largest bird of prey in the Netherlands ( a span of 2 meters 45 ! ) Are very close to admire. The breeding season begins early eagles and at this time are sometimes two or three birds at the nest site. That promises spectacle .

The other new species this year is the starling . 2014 by Sovon and Bird Protection declared Year of the Starling . With this kind is not good . In recent decades, the numbers of starlings deteriorated . Only reason it's been interesting to watch . Starlings closely

The kestrel and owl again this year the party . Both couples look back on a failed breeding season last year , the question is how it is run . The omens are certainly favorable. The pair has already seen a lot of owls in the cabinet and in the female kestrels has already made ​​a nest bowl .

Can be seen daily short videos with highlights on per bird is a weblog maintained by an expert. There is also a forum where viewers can talk about the birds and ask questions to the experts together. The cameras continue until July 1 to . (see also: vitamin burung)

Experience Spring RSPB has been a great success . Last year, more than 1.1 million birds during the breeding season , a lot of it did even daily . The site was visited approximately 49 million times .


Sunday, March 9, 2014

How to Grow Orchids Cultivation And True

Using the Ways Planting And Raising Orchids The Right Plants that can determine the outcome and kuakitas orchid plants that we planted , so as to produce a special attraction for the plants of the beholder , and if we cultivated plants that grow well , it is not no thing maybe we 'll whittle benefit greatly from these plants .
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Orchid Cultivation Method That Is Good And Right

Orchid Cultivation
It is mandatory in perhatiakan Before doing cultivation

1 . Requirements of Good Seed

Seedling requirements can be viewed from its shape such as : having lush leaves , strong stems , flowers dense and beautiful , and its rapid growth .

2.Penyebaran Seeds

The spread of these seeds includes several techniques such as :

- Containers or equipment

Containers or equipment that will be used must be completely clean of dirt or germs ,

- Penyeterilan seeds

Penyeterilan this seed could use some chemicals such as chlorine and distilled water , as for how it is by mixing chlorine with water at a ratio of 10 grams of chlorine and 110 cc of water , then strain and input into the bottle along with its orchid seeds , then godog approximately 10 minutes until it changes color orchid seed , after which his Godogan water in the exhaust and replaced with distilled water and then godog back .

Then after it's all done , just do seed dispersal , ie by moving the seeds that have been in seterilkan earlier into bottles or containers that will be used for breeding , and it might be noted in the seedling stage should really seteril from a variety of germs , either the place or any equipment that is used for breeding .

3 . transplanting

Seeds can be transferred into pots 4 to 6 cm in diameter after the seedlings aged 9 to 12 months , and its roots are usually strong enough to move on , but even so , transfer or revoke his seed should be careful not to disturb the roots of the plant , as if its roots dashed can be sure the plants will not grow well and perfect .

Growing media processing

The media processing plants could use a little san ground mixture of manure with a ratio of 1:1 , after the two materials in the mix , the input to the preformance pot measuring 6 to 30 cm , which before its been filled by some objects like brick -sized baatu of gravel to the planting medium is not terembar religion when in the flush water later .

How to grow orchids

Take or remove plants that have been planted in small pots before, and transfer to a large pot that has been given earlier planting medium .


These treatments include replanting , watering , fertilizing and spraying . Stitching is the turn of the plants die , continue watering , watering done in the morning and afternoon each day depending on the weather , and for fertilizing please use manure from different livestock manure such as cow , goat and others. By using this manure is expected to maintain soil moisture . His next spraying , manure can also be utilized for spraying water that is the way it is taken , the way manure soak in a bucket of water and then take it for spraying .
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Orchid Cultivation Method The Good and True
That way Planting And Raising Orchids The Right Plant , may be useful and good luck .


Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Abu Hurairah, the Prophet's companions to the nickname his father cat

Man named Danang Sutowijoyo bullied it out on Facebook . Cause, Danang proudly posted a picture that killed the cat because he was covered in blood with a rifle shot recently purchased .
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Danang feel guilty and it is proud to have slaughtered the pet . Here's a post that she wrote on Facebook .

" This kitten dying at the end of the barrel Sharp new TIGER me . Cat become victims of this terrible 4.5 mm caliber projectile that new rifle dilesatkan me. Cat I shoot from a distance of about 20 meters with 12 times the strength of pumping . Result , bullets penetrate the jaw and kept going until the cat out of the cat 's face . cats had suffered a seizure and died 2 minutes later . 1 shot 1 kill . hahahaha .... , "wrote the owner of Danang in I Twitter @ dominico_danang , which cited independent . com .

But eventually Danang defense made ​​a post on Facebook , in which he denied having slaughtered many cats . He admitted only to share pictures of cats slaughter .

For cat lovers , of the action taken Danang is very troubling . Moreover , this cat is a pet for people who do not ever adventurous, and rarely interfere , except stealing side dishes in the kitchen as possible.

Talk about the cat , as long ago as the days of the Prophet Muhammad's companions of the Prophet is a very affectionate towards cats . He is a character that until now his name remained famous among Muslims because many narrated Hadith , namely Abu Hurairah .

Born in the 19 years before the Hijrah of the Prophet , Abu Hurairah at birth named Abdul Sham , derived from the Ad - David qabilah in Yemen . After converting to Islam , renamed Sham Abdul Abdul Rahman . Then how until his name is called Abu Hurayrah ?

Abu Huraira , Arabic literally means father cat . Apparently, Abu Hurairah is really a cat lover . He often played around with kittens . In fact , at one time the Prophet asked Abu Huraira about this cat .

When the Prophet met Abu Hurairah , the Prophet asked what was in his shirt sleeves . When he showed the kitten in his sleeve and then he held Abu Hurairah RA by Prophet . And it is true , in his sleeve there is a cat . Since then he prefers to be identified with the title of Abu Hurairah RA .
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Abu Hurayrah to Islam in the 7th year after the Prophet migrated to Medina . After converting to Islam , Abu Hurayrah to Medina the Prophet and submissive to the Prophet's heart, until finally he could narrated many Hadiths of the Prophet .