Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Haunted Island in Italy Will Be Auctioned

The Italian government plans to lease the island and the old buildings on the agenda of the upcoming auction in May . Poveglia , a small uninhabited island in the Venice lagoon , also known as the island is haunted . " Poveglia expected behavior and results can reduce the country's debt pile , " writes the Telegraph , Tuesday, April 15, 2014 .

Located just a few minutes from St Mark's Park , expansive island is only 68 square meters . However, there are castles and monasteries in it .

Telegraph wrote this island never contested by Venice and Genoa . The monastery used as a place to care for patients with infectious diseases and mental disorders . " The Italian government hopes a buyer can change the island 's haunted hospital it into a luxury hotel . "
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But the Italian government did not fully sell the island. They only give permission renovation and rental properties to the buyer for 99 years . The island will remain the property of the state .

The government will also sell an old convent in Taranto , Puglia ; and a 15th century castle in Gradisca d' Isonzo .

A spokesman for the Italian sales agent refused Poveglia predict rental prices in the auction later . But he estimated selling price in Poveglia monastery could reach 3.8 million euros , about USD 60 billion .


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