Monday, April 14, 2014

Akbar is accused of Ical Gembosi So for the sake of Vice President

Discourse to evaluate nominations Bakrie (ARB ) as a presidential candidate in the 2014 election that was made Leader of the House adviser Golkar, Akbar Tandjung , Golkar harvest protests from the district manager .

This time, the Head of DPD 1 Golkar Southeast Sulawesi , Ridwan Bae said , should , Akbar Tanjung best solutions for the advancement of the party , not even menggembosi party internally.

" Leadership bang Ical ( Bakrie ) is very potential. That proved a quick calculation results in which Golkar occupies the second position in the legislative elections April 9. During this time, Akbar Tanjung as chairman of the Golkar Party adviser , always questioning the leadership and work system Bakrie , "says Ridwan at Sultra Golkar office in Jalan Abdullah Silondae , Monday ( 14/04/2014 ) .

He said the council was going too far with a dash of discourse for evaluation and Extraordinary Deliberation ( Munaslub ) Golkar .

"If you want to be thought the least votes of parties also have a large role to discredit Akbar Tanjung Bang Ical , because it is precisely in the middle of our current campaign, he always gives a negative statement . In fact, the permissibility of Akbar Tanjung provide advice and input to the cadre , how united and winning party , " ketusnya .

Ridwan Bae is always shown as a spokesman for DPD Golkar se - Indonesia insisted , it was not ever try to evaluate the candidate. Currently, that needs to be done is to map the factors that a weakness , so they can be together find a solution to win the ARB on July Presidential Election future.

"I'm the Akbar Tanjung give advice to DPD , how the ARB win , not invite us to replace the ARB as a candidate. As a presidential candidate point if ARB will create cohesiveness , while Munaslub is a misguided view , because there is nothing extraordinary happens in the body Golkar , "said Ridwan .

According to Ridwan , there will be no change of presidential candidate within 3 months. Moreover, the desire to choose cawapres , so would only nominate Bang Ical as a candidate.

It even pointing back Akbar Tanjung has a personal mission to nominate himself as cawapres dash way to evaluate their discourse pencapresan ARB on Presidential Election .
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Previously, House Party Advisory Work Group ( Golkar ) , Akbar Tanjung back dash discourse that Golkar will evaluate nominations Bakrie ( Ical ) as a presidential candidate in 2014 elections . Said elektabilitas Ical as presidential candidate in contrast with the growing potential in societies such as Prabowo Joko Widodo .


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