Monday, April 28, 2014

Minister: Remote areas still lack dentists

Health Minister Nafsiah Mboi said remote areas, border regions and islands (DTPK) still lack temporary dentist employees (PTT) because there were no enthusiasts.

"If general practitioners who register for PTT are 600, then 300 are employed. However, dentists who register to sign up are only a few, so that practically all are accepted. But, there are several places that they (dentists) do not want to be placed in, such as Papua," the Health Minister said here on Monday.
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In 2014, the Ministry of Health opened 332 registrations for temporary dentist employees, however there were only 167 applicants so all of them were accepted and placed in the remote areas. The Health Minister also ensured that the local governments had provided dental equipment so that they did not have to worry.

Meanwhile, there were 238 temporary general practitioner employees who were placed in remote areas throughout Indonesia.

The Health Minister said by the capitation system of health services in health centers, temporary doctor employees' welfare will be assured, especially if they can serve and manage all the population who are members of the national health insurance (JKN).

In Papua, the entire population had become members of the JKN, where poor people automatically received tuition assistance (PBI).


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