Friday, April 11, 2014

Failed to Break 20 Percent, PDIP: We Lost in the Media

Politicians PDI ( PDI-P ) Ganjar Pranowo judge , stating that the Democratic Party of Struggle ( PDI-P ), which is still below the target in 2014 pileg considered as lost in the media coverage . Specifically regarding the figure of candidate Joko Widodo ( Jokowi ) in the media .

" We lost in the media , then later Jokowi effect becomes visible and invisible. , But if we had the same portion there , unbelievable , " he said in Semarang on Thursday .

Ganjar revealed , Jokowi actually remarkable effect and influence on the vote for the PDIP . While that is not unusual or difficult was not able to get into a lot of media .

" We are hard to get into television yesterday , I even read in the newspaper , on the website ngiklan course it should not be the same owner. KPI So I think it's about to intervene , " he said .

Associated with the acquisition of voice PDIP still below 20 percent , Ganjar said that it should be used as a material for a new strategy in the upcoming presidential election .

" Like it or not , like it or not , so we have to accept it but conditions we again checked one by one in each of the polling stations to find out how the real , " said the Governor of East Java .

He explained , PDIP is still counting the number of votes for sure and have not thought about a coalition with other parties . " But I fingered Indonesia is too big then it definitely should invite a lot of people , " he said .

Based on data from a quick count conducted DPD PDIP Central Java on Thursday ( 10/4 ) afternoon , PDIP gained 341 733 votes, Golkar in second place with 161,031 votes, and the third position followed by PKB in who won 124 081 votes.

DPD PDIP Secretary Java Wilujeng Agustina said , it is the result of the vote count of the votes cast by 1,339,744 voters .
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" The number of votes was the latest data entered through Thursday ( 10/4 ) afternoon and there are 12 districts that have not entered the data counting his voice at all , " he said .

The 12 districts where there is a sound PDIP is Semarang District , Kendal , Kebumen , Klaten , Holy , Waterford , Starch , Pekalongan , Pemalang , Apex , Sragen , and Sukoharjo


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