Thursday, March 13, 2014

Experience Spring start again!

Eagle and starling beginners to Experience Spring 2014
Coming Saturday, March 1st is the day : BirdLife Netherlands put the cameras Experience Spring again. Four months for everyone to gather in the nests of birds less than 9 . 24h New this year are the eagle and the sparrow. The crowd favorites peregrine falcon, owl , eagle owl, stork , great tit , kestrel and common redstart also reappear on the scene . So check it via .
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For the eighth year in a row to see how birds build a nest on courtship , lay eggs , hatch and fly to and with food for their young . Romance and drama were the last few years, the order of the day ; mating storks , peregrine falcons fighting turtle income and little owls guaranteed a few exciting bird soaps .

One of the newcomers to Experience Spring this year is the eagle. In collaboration with the State Forest is the largest bird of prey in the Netherlands ( a span of 2 meters 45 ! ) Are very close to admire. The breeding season begins early eagles and at this time are sometimes two or three birds at the nest site. That promises spectacle .

The other new species this year is the starling . 2014 by Sovon and Bird Protection declared Year of the Starling . With this kind is not good . In recent decades, the numbers of starlings deteriorated . Only reason it's been interesting to watch . Starlings closely

The kestrel and owl again this year the party . Both couples look back on a failed breeding season last year , the question is how it is run . The omens are certainly favorable. The pair has already seen a lot of owls in the cabinet and in the female kestrels has already made ​​a nest bowl .

Can be seen daily short videos with highlights on per bird is a weblog maintained by an expert. There is also a forum where viewers can talk about the birds and ask questions to the experts together. The cameras continue until July 1 to . (see also: vitamin burung)

Experience Spring RSPB has been a great success . Last year, more than 1.1 million birds during the breeding season , a lot of it did even daily . The site was visited approximately 49 million times .


Sunday, March 9, 2014

How to Grow Orchids Cultivation And True

Using the Ways Planting And Raising Orchids The Right Plants that can determine the outcome and kuakitas orchid plants that we planted , so as to produce a special attraction for the plants of the beholder , and if we cultivated plants that grow well , it is not no thing maybe we 'll whittle benefit greatly from these plants .
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Orchid Cultivation Method That Is Good And Right

Orchid Cultivation
It is mandatory in perhatiakan Before doing cultivation

1 . Requirements of Good Seed

Seedling requirements can be viewed from its shape such as : having lush leaves , strong stems , flowers dense and beautiful , and its rapid growth .

2.Penyebaran Seeds

The spread of these seeds includes several techniques such as :

- Containers or equipment

Containers or equipment that will be used must be completely clean of dirt or germs ,

- Penyeterilan seeds

Penyeterilan this seed could use some chemicals such as chlorine and distilled water , as for how it is by mixing chlorine with water at a ratio of 10 grams of chlorine and 110 cc of water , then strain and input into the bottle along with its orchid seeds , then godog approximately 10 minutes until it changes color orchid seed , after which his Godogan water in the exhaust and replaced with distilled water and then godog back .

Then after it's all done , just do seed dispersal , ie by moving the seeds that have been in seterilkan earlier into bottles or containers that will be used for breeding , and it might be noted in the seedling stage should really seteril from a variety of germs , either the place or any equipment that is used for breeding .

3 . transplanting

Seeds can be transferred into pots 4 to 6 cm in diameter after the seedlings aged 9 to 12 months , and its roots are usually strong enough to move on , but even so , transfer or revoke his seed should be careful not to disturb the roots of the plant , as if its roots dashed can be sure the plants will not grow well and perfect .

Growing media processing

The media processing plants could use a little san ground mixture of manure with a ratio of 1:1 , after the two materials in the mix , the input to the preformance pot measuring 6 to 30 cm , which before its been filled by some objects like brick -sized baatu of gravel to the planting medium is not terembar religion when in the flush water later .

How to grow orchids

Take or remove plants that have been planted in small pots before, and transfer to a large pot that has been given earlier planting medium .


These treatments include replanting , watering , fertilizing and spraying . Stitching is the turn of the plants die , continue watering , watering done in the morning and afternoon each day depending on the weather , and for fertilizing please use manure from different livestock manure such as cow , goat and others. By using this manure is expected to maintain soil moisture . His next spraying , manure can also be utilized for spraying water that is the way it is taken , the way manure soak in a bucket of water and then take it for spraying .
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Orchid Cultivation Method The Good and True
That way Planting And Raising Orchids The Right Plant , may be useful and good luck .


Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Abu Hurairah, the Prophet's companions to the nickname his father cat

Man named Danang Sutowijoyo bullied it out on Facebook . Cause, Danang proudly posted a picture that killed the cat because he was covered in blood with a rifle shot recently purchased .
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Danang feel guilty and it is proud to have slaughtered the pet . Here's a post that she wrote on Facebook .

" This kitten dying at the end of the barrel Sharp new TIGER me . Cat become victims of this terrible 4.5 mm caliber projectile that new rifle dilesatkan me. Cat I shoot from a distance of about 20 meters with 12 times the strength of pumping . Result , bullets penetrate the jaw and kept going until the cat out of the cat 's face . cats had suffered a seizure and died 2 minutes later . 1 shot 1 kill . hahahaha .... , "wrote the owner of Danang in I Twitter @ dominico_danang , which cited independent . com .

But eventually Danang defense made ​​a post on Facebook , in which he denied having slaughtered many cats . He admitted only to share pictures of cats slaughter .

For cat lovers , of the action taken Danang is very troubling . Moreover , this cat is a pet for people who do not ever adventurous, and rarely interfere , except stealing side dishes in the kitchen as possible.

Talk about the cat , as long ago as the days of the Prophet Muhammad's companions of the Prophet is a very affectionate towards cats . He is a character that until now his name remained famous among Muslims because many narrated Hadith , namely Abu Hurairah .

Born in the 19 years before the Hijrah of the Prophet , Abu Hurairah at birth named Abdul Sham , derived from the Ad - David qabilah in Yemen . After converting to Islam , renamed Sham Abdul Abdul Rahman . Then how until his name is called Abu Hurayrah ?

Abu Huraira , Arabic literally means father cat . Apparently, Abu Hurairah is really a cat lover . He often played around with kittens . In fact , at one time the Prophet asked Abu Huraira about this cat .

When the Prophet met Abu Hurairah , the Prophet asked what was in his shirt sleeves . When he showed the kitten in his sleeve and then he held Abu Hurairah RA by Prophet . And it is true , in his sleeve there is a cat . Since then he prefers to be identified with the title of Abu Hurairah RA .
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Abu Hurayrah to Islam in the 7th year after the Prophet migrated to Medina . After converting to Islam , Abu Hurayrah to Medina the Prophet and submissive to the Prophet's heart, until finally he could narrated many Hadiths of the Prophet .