Thursday, March 13, 2014

Experience Spring start again!

Eagle and starling beginners to Experience Spring 2014
Coming Saturday, March 1st is the day : BirdLife Netherlands put the cameras Experience Spring again. Four months for everyone to gather in the nests of birds less than 9 . 24h New this year are the eagle and the sparrow. The crowd favorites peregrine falcon, owl , eagle owl, stork , great tit , kestrel and common redstart also reappear on the scene . So check it via .
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For the eighth year in a row to see how birds build a nest on courtship , lay eggs , hatch and fly to and with food for their young . Romance and drama were the last few years, the order of the day ; mating storks , peregrine falcons fighting turtle income and little owls guaranteed a few exciting bird soaps .

One of the newcomers to Experience Spring this year is the eagle. In collaboration with the State Forest is the largest bird of prey in the Netherlands ( a span of 2 meters 45 ! ) Are very close to admire. The breeding season begins early eagles and at this time are sometimes two or three birds at the nest site. That promises spectacle .

The other new species this year is the starling . 2014 by Sovon and Bird Protection declared Year of the Starling . With this kind is not good . In recent decades, the numbers of starlings deteriorated . Only reason it's been interesting to watch . Starlings closely

The kestrel and owl again this year the party . Both couples look back on a failed breeding season last year , the question is how it is run . The omens are certainly favorable. The pair has already seen a lot of owls in the cabinet and in the female kestrels has already made ​​a nest bowl .

Can be seen daily short videos with highlights on per bird is a weblog maintained by an expert. There is also a forum where viewers can talk about the birds and ask questions to the experts together. The cameras continue until July 1 to . (see also: vitamin burung)

Experience Spring RSPB has been a great success . Last year, more than 1.1 million birds during the breeding season , a lot of it did even daily . The site was visited approximately 49 million times .


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