Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Abu Hurairah, the Prophet's companions to the nickname his father cat

Man named Danang Sutowijoyo bullied it out on Facebook . Cause, Danang proudly posted a picture that killed the cat because he was covered in blood with a rifle shot recently purchased .
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Danang feel guilty and it is proud to have slaughtered the pet . Here's a post that she wrote on Facebook .

" This kitten dying at the end of the barrel Sharp new TIGER me . Cat become victims of this terrible 4.5 mm caliber projectile that new rifle dilesatkan me. Cat I shoot from a distance of about 20 meters with 12 times the strength of pumping . Result , bullets penetrate the jaw and kept going until the cat out of the cat 's face . cats had suffered a seizure and died 2 minutes later . 1 shot 1 kill . hahahaha .... , "wrote the owner of Danang in I Twitter @ dominico_danang , which cited independent . com .

But eventually Danang defense made ​​a post on Facebook , in which he denied having slaughtered many cats . He admitted only to share pictures of cats slaughter .

For cat lovers , of the action taken Danang is very troubling . Moreover , this cat is a pet for people who do not ever adventurous, and rarely interfere , except stealing side dishes in the kitchen as possible.

Talk about the cat , as long ago as the days of the Prophet Muhammad's companions of the Prophet is a very affectionate towards cats . He is a character that until now his name remained famous among Muslims because many narrated Hadith , namely Abu Hurairah .

Born in the 19 years before the Hijrah of the Prophet , Abu Hurairah at birth named Abdul Sham , derived from the Ad - David qabilah in Yemen . After converting to Islam , renamed Sham Abdul Abdul Rahman . Then how until his name is called Abu Hurayrah ?

Abu Huraira , Arabic literally means father cat . Apparently, Abu Hurairah is really a cat lover . He often played around with kittens . In fact , at one time the Prophet asked Abu Huraira about this cat .

When the Prophet met Abu Hurairah , the Prophet asked what was in his shirt sleeves . When he showed the kitten in his sleeve and then he held Abu Hurairah RA by Prophet . And it is true , in his sleeve there is a cat . Since then he prefers to be identified with the title of Abu Hurairah RA .
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Abu Hurayrah to Islam in the 7th year after the Prophet migrated to Medina . After converting to Islam , Abu Hurayrah to Medina the Prophet and submissive to the Prophet's heart, until finally he could narrated many Hadiths of the Prophet .


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