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How to Grow Orchids Cultivation And True

Using the Ways Planting And Raising Orchids The Right Plants that can determine the outcome and kuakitas orchid plants that we planted , so as to produce a special attraction for the plants of the beholder , and if we cultivated plants that grow well , it is not no thing maybe we 'll whittle benefit greatly from these plants .
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Orchid Cultivation Method That Is Good And Right

Orchid Cultivation
It is mandatory in perhatiakan Before doing cultivation

1 . Requirements of Good Seed

Seedling requirements can be viewed from its shape such as : having lush leaves , strong stems , flowers dense and beautiful , and its rapid growth .

2.Penyebaran Seeds

The spread of these seeds includes several techniques such as :

- Containers or equipment

Containers or equipment that will be used must be completely clean of dirt or germs ,

- Penyeterilan seeds

Penyeterilan this seed could use some chemicals such as chlorine and distilled water , as for how it is by mixing chlorine with water at a ratio of 10 grams of chlorine and 110 cc of water , then strain and input into the bottle along with its orchid seeds , then godog approximately 10 minutes until it changes color orchid seed , after which his Godogan water in the exhaust and replaced with distilled water and then godog back .

Then after it's all done , just do seed dispersal , ie by moving the seeds that have been in seterilkan earlier into bottles or containers that will be used for breeding , and it might be noted in the seedling stage should really seteril from a variety of germs , either the place or any equipment that is used for breeding .

3 . transplanting

Seeds can be transferred into pots 4 to 6 cm in diameter after the seedlings aged 9 to 12 months , and its roots are usually strong enough to move on , but even so , transfer or revoke his seed should be careful not to disturb the roots of the plant , as if its roots dashed can be sure the plants will not grow well and perfect .

Growing media processing

The media processing plants could use a little san ground mixture of manure with a ratio of 1:1 , after the two materials in the mix , the input to the preformance pot measuring 6 to 30 cm , which before its been filled by some objects like brick -sized baatu of gravel to the planting medium is not terembar religion when in the flush water later .

How to grow orchids

Take or remove plants that have been planted in small pots before, and transfer to a large pot that has been given earlier planting medium .


These treatments include replanting , watering , fertilizing and spraying . Stitching is the turn of the plants die , continue watering , watering done in the morning and afternoon each day depending on the weather , and for fertilizing please use manure from different livestock manure such as cow , goat and others. By using this manure is expected to maintain soil moisture . His next spraying , manure can also be utilized for spraying water that is the way it is taken , the way manure soak in a bucket of water and then take it for spraying .
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Orchid Cultivation Method The Good and True
That way Planting And Raising Orchids The Right Plant , may be useful and good luck .


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