Friday, April 18, 2014

Encourage Saving, BI Education Up to Rural Residents

Representative Office of Bank Indonesia ( BI ) Region VI West Java - Banten , held Socialization of Financial Education in the District Cikelet , Garut . In the event the Bank to explain financial management and financial programs inclusive .

Socialization is held in the Village Unit Cooperatives , Rural Cikelet was done with a view to the introduction of the financial system to the people , especially in the District Cikelet . " Malaysia and the Philippines , respectively citizens already have a bank account , the data bedasarkan World Bank Indonesia in 2011 only 20 percent of our people who had an account , " said Ainur Rakhma , Thursday ( 17/4 ) , Public Relations Region VI Representative of Bank Indonesia , West Java - Banten .

Ainur explain it affects the difficulty of control of government assistance to the community . Without a bank account to help often do not correspond to the initial budget because it is difficult monitored .

Saving yourself is the simplest financial management . Ainur said , the community is important in order to save Indonesia's economy does not continue to depend on foreign loans .

Communities can begin by noting the typical financial planning income and expenditure . It also writes the objectives to be achieved .

Today Indonesia is the country with the strategy of inclusive finance . This strategy essentially aims to remove barriers to community access to financial services kayanan .
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Without inclusive financial system is , the poor and small businesses can only rely on personal wealth to invest and open businesses productive .


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