Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Prune MRT Pedestrian Path in Sudirman

Prune MRT Pedestrian Path in SudirmanDirektur (CEO ) of PT MRT Jakarta Boestami Dono said it would undertake manufacture or concreting detour on the side of the road pavement . Efforts were made ​​after stripping the green line MRT construction on Jalan Sudirman completed.

"Later, sidewalks or pedestrian paths that were originally six feet wide is left only 1.5 meters , " said Dono , told reporters in a press conference held in Central Jakarta , Wednesday ( 28/05/2014 ) .

At least , there are four points on the pavement concreting to be built the MRT station . The four points that are in Senayan , Senayan , Lower Dam , and Setiabudi . Each point will be concreted along 350-400 meters . Work started on the east side of Senayan ( 5/26/2014 ) ago .
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The work will be done in stages and move to another location point . The impact of this work is the reduction in the width of sidewalks for pedestrians .

" Some sidewalks will be used to supplement lane . Due median TransJakarta lane road and will be closed for the construction of the MRT station , " said Dono . He targets , work was completed on a pedestrian path reduction ( 19/06/2014 ) future .

Based on the observation , job reductions across the pavement in Queen Plaza is almost completed. Only the remaining 1.5 meter wide road that has been casted . A large tree embedded in the pavement has also been cut down . To safeguard pedestrians , PT MRT Jakarta has installed a fence made ​​of iron .


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