Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Avalanche 15 Meters Insulation Three Villages in Pinrang

Thousands of cubic meters of landslide material as high as 15 roads in the village hoard Suppirang , District Lembang , Pinrang , South Sulawesi . Not only decide the access roads between villages and districts around it , landslides also caused three surrounding villages isolated .

Residents who had been due to shopping for life or sell produce and groceries to a neighboring village , including Market to Mamasa and Polewali Mandar , hampered since Tuesday.

Three villages are isolated village of Sepang , Paladang and Pasapa . A number of bikers and motorcycle taxi drivers who were stuck landslide landslide reckless pierce pile to get to the destination .
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Meanwhile , dozens of landslides between villages take turns moving the pile with a shovel , a hoe , and a crowbar . They hope that efforts can pave the way . However , up to now , thousands of cubic landslide material can not be removed .

Citizens expect the government to intervene in order to mobilize heavy equipment access roads can be normal people again .

Rainfall since the past few days complicate cleanup efforts at the site .

Early May, at the location of the landslide also to isolated residents had more than a week . New access road drivable vehicle after inter-village residents worked together voluntarily , for nearly a week .

Jansen , local villagers , admitted that he had two days to step in to help move the pile avalanche voluntarily in order to open the access road back . However , until now such access can only be passed by a two-wheeler .

" Residents were forced to lift the landslide material with hoes and crowbars because no heavy equipment . I have two days to work , but not see-through , "said Jansen .

Muliani , residents from Makassar who had been due to visit relatives in neighboring villages , caught in the landslide site . He said , if the vehicle can not penetrate , he was forced to lower the number of luggage and chose to walk across the landslide in order to get to the destination .

Since the landslide re- memutusakn access roads and isolate from Tuesday to Wednesday ( 21/05/2014 ) , a resident of trouble buying basic necessities . A number of inter-village traders also can not sell in a number of traditional markets in the vicinity.


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